Automation of technological processes

Specialists of Company “Inter-Trade” carry out installation of equipment for automation of technological processes, control of dosing of liquid and loose ingredients, as well as writing programs for control and control of the technological process

The level of process automation is an indicator characterizing the degree of release of an employee from direct involvement in the execution of this process.

In complex automation, all installations of the automated site, department or shop are subject to automatic control as a single interconnected system, which ensures the necessary sequence of technological process. The human role is reduced to monitoring the progress of the technological process according to readings of the devices (internal information), to changing, if necessary, the task of the regulators to improve the technological mode, to applying remote control equipment, etc.

With full automation of a department, shop or enterprise, all functions of management of separate production plants and the coordination of their work are performed automatically. The human role is reduced to monitoring the work of numerous automated control systems of technological processes and automated control systems of enterprises and to inputting external information (order nomenclatures, terms of delivery of materials, economic indicators of demand) into controlling computers.

With partial automation, only separate operations of the technological process are automatically monitored and controlled, while the coordination of the whole complex of production operations remains a function of the man.

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