Specially trained and highly skilled engineers of company “Inter-Trade” will design a brewery that will provide a reliable and stable production


We use only certified materials and cooperate with reliable partners that guarantee the quality of our and your products


We shall reliably install and bundle pipelines of any level of complexity and issue a passport of quality as a guarantee of your successful enterprise

Our advantages


This high-quality capacitive equipment is produced at our own factory, which ensures its high quality


Increasing production capacity by 3 times without spending significant costs


We not only produce the equipment, but also develop a design of the future plant


You get a complete set of equipment for the production of beer and fermentation beverages. We give recommendations on their preparation.


Training your employees by experienced technologists. Developing a recipe for your own branded beer.


The equipment commissioning and first brewings in the presence of our specialist. Warranty and post-warranty service.


We cooperate closely with Lupex, the German supplier of raw materials for brewing Lupex.


We assist in the preparation of documents for certification and state registration.


Permanent support of technological processes involving brewers, technologists and microbiologists.

German quality at a Ukrainian price

Inter-Trade has signed a contract with Ralf Gerwert (Director General of BdB Bier-Know How GmbH),  the “star” of European brewing from Germany about the joint production of high-quality equipment in the territory of Ukraine.

BdB Bier-Know how GmbH

The German company that represents the 500-year old tradition of Bavarian brewing and the 40-year old tradition of mechanical engineering in the field of brewing. For over 30 years,the company has established breweries all over the world, including Korea, Japan, China, Kazakhstan,the USA and Australia.

Our own brewery “Burgomistr”

An example of high-quality and professionalism of brewing and competence in brewing is our own brewery “Burgomistr”. We use the highest quality raw materials from company Lupex, the German leader in the field of raw materials for breweries and our reliable partner. Our brewery products are in high demand in the city of the Lion, Lviv; and our brewery produces more than six varieties of beer with the beer density of 12 to 15%.

What tasks we solve

0Development of the project proposal

3D modeling project

Calculation and drawings of all technological lines

Layout of the brewery

0Production and delivery of the equipment

Production of the equipment

Shipment of the equipment

0Installation of equipment and current works

Mounting and binding equipment

Locksmith and welding works

Installation of pipelines

Insulation works

Electrical installation works

Commissioning works

Projects, implemented by “Inter-Trade”

Benefits of working with Inter-Trade

Quality guarantee

Experience in international projects

Availability of permits and licences

Qualified and certified professionals with 7 years of experience

Projects implemented jointly with attraction of foreign specialists

Work performance guarantee

Flexibility and customer-oriented approach

Fast communication

Assistance in creating a technical assignment

Specialist’s on-site visit

Free consultations


Adaptation to production processes

Free pre-design offer


Reasonable pricing policy

We are adjusting to your budget

Possibility to improve the equipment

Search for specialists and technologists

How we work

Questions and answers

Questions that arise when opening one’s own brewery

We do not sell ready-made breweries, as each project we make is unique, depending on the needs and capabilities of the customer. We calculate each project individually for each customer.

Everyone can brew beer! After completing our 72-hour training course, you can become a unique brewer.

You can make up to 4 brews a day!

Using our technology you can brew a wide range of different sorts of beer. We can also provide our own sorts. Everything will depend on your wishes and on which sorts of beer you will prefer.

One brewer can handle a brewery with the capacity of up to 1000 liters per brew. In case of scopes over 1000 liters, it is already recommended to employ a professional brewer-technologist. You will also need an assistant engineer and an auxiliary worker.

A legal entity is required to open a brewery business.

A brewery needs electricity, sewage and water supply.

In cases, when water supply is difficult to arrange in the building, we offer drilling of your own well that is often cheaper than arranging water supply from municipal water works.

Reliable production means a good-quality product

We have been implementing a reliable production of our customers for over 14 years
according to three basic principles

Reliability and high quality

Reasonable pricing policy

Attention to each customer