We manufacture tanks for

Production of wine, juices, concentrates, water, cider, kvas, beer

Production of liquors and alcohol

For the processing of milk

For confectioneries and ice cream

For pharmaceutical factories


What tanks we manufacture

  • Vertical and horizontal

  • Stationary and mobile

  • Cylindrical and rectangular

  • On height-adjustable legs and supports

  • With flat, inclined, conical, elliptical and spherical bottom

  • Single and double wall

  • With cooling and heating

  • With a shirt and a coil

  • With mixer

  • With varying degrees of automation

Креслення ємності з нержавіючої сталі


  • Cleaning filters, lattices

  • Devices for connecting to a centralized washing system

  • Inspection hatches, hatches with self-sealing caps

  • Instrumentation and Sensors

  • Remote automatic control of technological process

  • Measuring rulers

  • The crane for sampling

  • Stairs and service areas

  • Slinging devices


Our equipment

The use of only professional equipment from leading manufacturers

Devices for endoscopy

Devices for welding

Devices for orbital cutting

Plasma cutting devices

Drills, perforators, angled grinding machines and other electrical tools

Plasma welding device
of sheet stainless material

Manipulator for automatic
welding of longitudinal and radial seams

Automatic rotater
for welding orbital seams

Plant for plasma cutting of metal
Koike PNC-12 Extrime

0The process of automated welding of longitudinal welds

0Quality of welds

Back bead of a weld

0The result of welding an automated longitudinal weld

0Quality of weld processing

What tasks we solve

0Development of the project proposal

3D modeling project

Calculation and drawings

А также:

  • Assistance in forming the technical assignment. Engineering and technical consultations and expert advice

  • Calculation of  the project implementation cost

  • Specifying key deadlines of the project execution

02 Production and delivery of tanks

Production of tanks

Shipment of the tanks


  • Transport. Available own means of transport

  • Logistics. Specifying logistics of delivery of the equipment..

  • Permits for transportation of large-sized equipment.Cooperation with custom authorities

  • Schedule. Specifying the schedule of delivery and shipment of equipment

0Installation of tanks and current works

Installation and bundling of tanks

Locksmith and welding works

Commissioning works

Implemented projects

Benefits of working with Inter-Trade

Quality guarantee

Experience in international projects

Availability of permits and licences

Qualified and certified professionals with 7 years of experience

Projects implemented jointly with attraction of foreign specialists

Work performance guarantee

Flexibility and customer-oriented approach

Fast communication

Assistance in creating a technical assignment

Specialist’s on-site visit

Free consultations


Adaptation to production processes

Free pre-design offer


Reasonable pricing policy

We are adjusting to your budget

Possibility to improve the equipment

Search for specialists and technologists

How we work

Reliable production means a good-quality product

We have been implementing a reliable production of our customers for over 14 years
according to three basic principles

Reliability and high quality

Reasonable pricing policy

Attention to each customer