Conducting an endoscopy control of welds


  • With incoming quality control, it can detect hidden defects of the new equipment and draw up a complaint protocol provided with defective photographs
  • When designing and refining new products, it ensures the “purity of the experiment” in refining and service life tests; it allows trace the technical state of the unit without dismantling it from the stand and without disassembling this unit, identify and predict failures in advance, and determine the service life of the units.
  • The production technology allows ensure quality control of the manufacture and repair of parts and units at different stages of production and check the quality of the assembly.
  • When servicing and using products, the use of endoscopy in combination with other methods of non-destructive testing allows identify the results of the diagnosis more confidently.



What tanks we manufacture

  • Vertical and horizontal

  • Stationary and mobile

  • Cylindrical and rectangular

  • On height-adjustable legs and supports

  • With flat, inclined, conical, elliptical and spherical bottom

  • Single and double wall

  • With cooling and heating

  • With a shirt and a coil

  • With mixer

  • With varying degrees of automation

Креслення ємності з нержавіючої сталі

Reliable production means a good-quality product

We have been implementing a reliable production of our customers for over 14 years
according to three basic principles

Reliability and high quality

Reasonable pricing policy

Attention to each customer