Orbital and argon welding

The technology of orbital welding

In case of orbital welding, the burner moves in a circular trajectory around the fixed part. An excellent combination of the control unit, the power supply source and the welding head ensures reproducible quality and cost-effective production.

Welding with blowing an argon protective gas

Welding in an argon environment has several advantages that make it possible to use this technology in many situations, where other types of welding works are not possible. Among them, the characteristic advantages are:

  • Exclusion of the oxidation effect on the liquid metal melt due to the protective medium of argon;
  • due to local thermal power in the working area and correctly selected parameters, high speed welding and high quality weld in automatic and semi-automatic mode is assured;
  • argon-arc welding allows connect parts made of different metals;
  • welding process can be performed under visual control.



What tanks we manufacture

  • Vertical and horizontal

  • Stationary and mobile

  • Cylindrical and rectangular

  • On height-adjustable legs and supports

  • With flat, inclined, conical, elliptical and spherical bottom

  • Single and double wall

  • With cooling and heating

  • With a shirt and a coil

  • With mixer

  • With varying degrees of automation

Креслення ємності з нержавіючої сталі

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We have been implementing a reliable production of our customers for over 14 years
according to three basic principles

Reliability and high quality

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