Orbital pipe cutting

Advantages of orbital cutting:

  • Allows cut metal without turning in one pass and through the entire thickness of the wall. This reduces the length of the cutting process, and, accordingly, increases overall productivity.
  • Good quality of a cut and without burr. The reason is that the cutter evenly cuts into the metal without turning the material.
  • Pipes do not overheat during cutting, since the circumferential speeds of the cutters are not large. And if there is no overheating – there is no melting edge of the cut.


What tanks we manufacture

  • Vertical and horizontal

  • Stationary and mobile

  • Cylindrical and rectangular

  • On height-adjustable legs and supports

  • With flat, inclined, conical, elliptical and spherical bottom

  • Single and double wall

  • With cooling and heating

  • With a shirt and a coil

  • With mixer

  • With varying degrees of automation

Креслення ємності з нержавіючої сталі

Reliable production means a good-quality product

We have been implementing a reliable production of our customers for over 14 years
according to three basic principles

Reliability and high quality

Reasonable pricing policy

Attention to each customer