Project Description

LLC “Chipsy LUX”

LLC “Chipsy Lux” is a subsidiary of Mondels Ukraine and the largest producer of potato chips in Ukraine. In 2013, the factory produced 13 thousand tons of products. For over 13 years of work above100 thousand tons of salty snacks have been produced here. The company, located in the village of Stari Petrivtsi of the Kyiv Region, produces chips under the trademarks “Lux” and Estrella. The company’s products are exported to Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia.

Company “Inter-Trade” has performed the following types of works for this plant:

  • Works of installation of heat and water supply of the first stage in the chips production building;
  • Mobots for increasing the technological capacity for palm oil, restoration of capacity of oil storage tanks, located in the building of chips production;
  • Installation of networks of heat supply for the new production complex and modernization of tanks;