Project Description

PJSC “Dubnomoloko” (TM “KOMO”)

The modern cheese factory, located at the Town of Dubno, is a special place, where inspiration of experts is combined with the latest technologies and the art of cheese making. The cheese factory of PJSC “Dubnomoloko”, which produces unique KOMO cheeses, is one of the most powerful enterprises in Ukraine. The plant has state-of-the-art equipment for the production of solid and whizzed cheeses; all stages are fully automated and standardized.  Due to this, the company produces over 15 million kg of solid cheese and 4 million kg of processed cheese each year with unique original recipes. KOMO meets the highest standards of quality and has a certificate of compliance with the international standard FSSC 22000.

Company “Inter-Trade” provided acomplete work-package on installation of pipelines and equipment for the department of acceptance department, milk drying and cheese pickle (with the designer supervision by specialists of company OBRAM).