Project Description

Lviv Distillery “Hetman”

The Hetman Scientific and Production Enterprise is a modern plant, whose tanks are located in the heart of Western Ukraine, Lviv; it is famous for high-quality premium beverages not only in our country, but also far beyond its borders. Today, more than 40 brands are bottled here. In 201,7 Hetman won the status of the largest taxpayer in the Lviv Region. The basis of the horilka (vodka) production at the Hetman plant is the unique combination of the best production technologies, the multi-stage water purification system used since 2002, and one of the most effective systems for horilka cleaning – “Mountain crystal”. Modern European equipment is used in production.

In 2016-2017, specialists of the Ukrainian engineering company Inter-Trade equipped the plant with new tanks and bundling of the tanks was carried out. 11 Blending tanks of Inter-Trade’s own production were installed, which are now used for the production of various varieties of horilka. A significant advantage of these tanks is that it is easy to maintain sterile purity in them. Also, the pipelines between the workshops were bundled to create the most efficient technological scheme to pump the beverage and deliver it for bottling. In addition, the specialists of the company made new model filters for filtration before bottling at their own production facilities and installed them at the distillery. Due to a special propylene filtering element, which has microscopic holes, the liquid is maximally cleared, and the horilka properties are preserved as they should be.