Project Description

PJSC “Kraft Foods Ukraine” at the Town of Trostianets

The factory in Trostianets is a production division of company Mondelis Ukraine. The enterprise
manufactures products under such popular brands, as JACOBS, CARTE NOIRE, CORONA, MILKA, ALPEN GOLD, BARNY BEAR and TUC according to international quality standards.

The factory at Trostianets is the largest factory in Ukraine, which has a complete cycle of cocoa bean processing. Up to 75% of cocoa beans imported into Ukraine are processed precisely at the factory at Trostianets (according to the State Statistics Service and the company’s internal data for 2012-2013).

Company “Inter-Trade” has performed for this factory the following types of works:

  • A complex of works on the installation of food pipelines and air, vacuum, steam conduits, etc.,
  • Manufacture and installation of prefabricated metal structures for the construction of the shop.