Project Description

LLC Kumpel Brewery

Kumpel is the first restaurant-brewery in Lviv, where beer flows like a river 24 hours a day. Copper brewing vats are in the middle of the hall so that each guest can personally observe the process of birth of this living beer. A generous regional cuisine, a lot of beer and an atmosphere of peculiar ho oliganism will allow every guest feel like a true Lviv “batyar” (loudmouthed and maliciously gossipy person) Behavior a la  “batyar” starts at the entrance to the institution, where each guest can drink from the legendary “Beer Teats”.

In addition, Kumpel is known as the first Lviv restaurant, serving exclusively dishes of the traditional Halychyna cuisine. And this is one of the richest regional cuisines in Eastern Europe. Authentic Halychyna recipes: tripes, garlic soup, “karmanadla” beefsteak, local wafers, etc. – are combined with a refined restaurant serving. If you are looking for a restaurant with local cuisine in Lviv, Kumpel will be recommended to you one of the first restaurants to go to.

Company “Inter-Trade” has provided acomplete work-package on the manufacture and installation of capacitive equipment (CCT) and maintenance and repair of equipment (steam generators, photoreducers, compressors, pneumatic drives);